R. Knox, R.Knox, S.Knox trading as Advanced Studio or Advanced Studio Design.
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Who we are
We are a family partnership based in
Blackthorn, aiming to supply individuals
and small business in the Bicester area
villages with an
efficient and personal
, even for last minute rush jobs!
We offer high quality digital printing
and finishing for short run jobs
. For
runs of over 500 copies digital printing
is no longer economical, but we can
help you source the correct solution.
As we are local you can wait for your
printing, leave it and collect it, or we’ll
deliver locally – the choice is yours. Pop
in to see us or
email us for a quote.
We also have our own design and
marketing capabilities
, helping small
businesses to promote effectively.
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see all that we can do for you.
The team
Stephen Knox - sales & marketing
Roberta Knox - design and creation
Bruce Knox - printing,photography and
marketing consultancy